The road to womanhood is never an easy path, especially in a world driven by ego, fear, patriarchy and double-standards.

For hundreds of years women have been treated less than, not just by men, but by women too. They have been victimised, violated, abused and denied their basic human rights. They’ve carried shame, guilt, internalised misogyny and violence, a happy facade and fake smile burying their pain. They’ve been silenced, blamed, too afraid to speak up, yet branded a bitch, a liar and trouble-maker when they do. And they’ve blamed themselves, believing that they’re too much, yet never quite enough.

As a result they’ve disconnected from who they really are, using food, booze, sex, relationships and shopping as a way to self-medicate and stuff down the disease of not-good-enough-ness, while pushing and striving to create success in their work and life to prove themselves and their worth, too afraid to shatter the cage and be seen. REALLY seen.

Until now.

In Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass 26 trail-blazing women share their stories of strength from struggle, turning their mess into their message to empower and inspire their peers and future generations. These are women united in their mission to create positive change in the world through truth, authenticity and an indestructible knowing that women are worthy and deserving of so much more.

It is part-memoir, part self-help, taking the reader on her own journey of insight, exploration and self-discovery so that she too can awaken to her truth and uncage the wild woman inside.

This book is an essential read for all women, young and old, and a celebration of our strength, courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Women will open their once closed hearts, listen to their inner authority and boldly step into their innate power and potential. When we rise our children rise. And that is how we change the world.


The road to womanhood is never an easy path, especially in a world driven by ego, fear, patriarchy and double-standards.

For hundreds of years women have been treated less than, not just by men, but by women too. They have been victimised, violated and denied their basic human rights. They’ve carried shame, guilt, internalised misogyny and violence, buried beneath a fake smile and inability to say no. They’ve been silenced, blamed, too afraid to speak up, yet branded a bitch, a liar and trouble-maker when they do.

As a result they’ve disconnected from who they really are, using food, booze, sex and shopping as a way to self-medicate and stuff down the disease of not-good-enough-ness, while pushing and striving to create success in their work and life to prove themselves and their worth.

Until now.

In Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass 26 trail-blazing women share their stories of strength from struggle, turning their mess into their message to empower and inspire their peers and future generations. These are women united in their mission to create positive change in the world through truth, authenticity and an indestructible knowing that women are worthy and deserving of so much more.

It is part-memoir, part self-help, taking the reader on her own journey of insight, exploration and self-discovery so that she too can awaken to her truth and uncage the wild woman inside.

This book is an essential read for all women, young and old, and a celebration of our strength, courage and resilience in the face of adversity. Women will open their once closed hearts, listen to their inner authority and boldly step into their innate power and potential. When we rise our children rise. And that is how we change the world.



Michelle Catanach is on a mission to end childism and violence against children and is passionate about alleviating depression and anxiety in our kids and teens. She helps children master their energy and emotions and be the leader of their life. She is also the founder of Uncaged Online, a creative agency for paradigm-shifters to reach the masses with their message through book publishing, web design, content creation and digital products.

Website: www.michellecatanach.co.uk and www.uncaged.online
Instagram: @michelle_catanach


Anne Corazza aka The Uncaged Artist is an Author, Speaker, Mixed-Media Artist, Self-Love Catalyst, Chief Happiness Officer, Intuitive Creativity Guide, BeREAL Advocate and Transformational Leader who is passionate about helping those who suffer in silence to find their voice, share their story, release shame and set themselves free through creative expression. Anne inspires her clients to lead a more conscious, peaceful, happy life using the power of art as medicine.

Anne is a true testament to rising above life’s challenges by finding the courage to shine a light on one’s darkness and learning to find inspiration and joy in each day. From no longer seeing a purpose to live, ravaged with a lifetime of pain and suffering in silence; Anne is now on a mission to reach the masses with her message to help lost souls find themselves again.

Through a variety of online and in-person retreats, programs and products, Anne guides her clients on new ways to have fun, discover their bravery, love and accept themselves madly, be authentically real, uncage their inner artist, dream wildly, pay it forward and choose a joy filled life.  She feels art is medicine for the mind, body and soul and that the more we tap into our creative power, the happier and lighter we become.

Website:  www.TheUncagedArtist.com
FB: www.facebook.com/TheUncagedArtist
Instagram: @theuncagedartist


Ruth Oshikanlu is a nationally recognised expert nurse, midwife, health visitor and parenting expert with over 22 years track record in delivering secondary and primary health care services in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors.

Ruth is passionate about parenting believing that good enough parenting is the best gift a parent can give to a child.  Employing a two-tongued approach, she demonstrates professional expertise and disseminates her insights, directly to clients and to colleagues in order for more children and families to benefit.

She is drawn to working with marginalised communities and has been involved with delivering numerous projects to meet the needs of vulnerable and socially excluded groups including supporting HIV positive pregnant women and new mums; pregnant teenagers and teenage parents; and women affected by Female Genital Mutilation

Ruth is the author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come with An Instruction Manual and creator of Tune In To Your BabyTM – a holistic parenting programme that enables pregnant women and new mothers develop secure attachments with their babies from the womb.  To date, she has supported thousands of women and babies in pregnancy, labour and childbirth, the postnatal period through to toddlerhood.  Her mission is to enable as many women as she can to enjoy parenting without sacrificing their own personal needs.

Ruth is a Queen’s Nurse, Fellow of The Institute of Health Visiting, and recipient of several national clinical and business awards.

Website: www.tuneintoyourbaby.com
Twitter: @RuthOshikanlu
Instagram: @ruthoshikanlu
LinkedIn: Ruth Oshikanlu
Facebook: Tune In To Your Baby


Since she was just 15 years old, Laura Francis has been studying personal development and business.

She thrives on inspiring women entrepreneurs tap into their hidden potential and align with their higher selves. Her high impact, make-it-happen strategies help you remove the mindset blocks stopping you from creating more leverage, money and freedom in your business and life.

Laura shows you how to shine your light on the world authentically, relentlessly and unapologetically by awakening your hidden genius and tapping into your core truth and souls purpose. Her transformative methods make doing the internal and external work, showing up, speaking your truth and attracting ‘hell yes’ soul-level clients a breeze.

Laura helps you own your truth, your desires and your passion and empowers you to show up, speak up and massively impact the world with your message and your purpose. Inspiring you to unleash the multi-6-figure mindset within so you can blow your results and your income out of the water.

Laura’s here to help you to rise. To claim what’s yours, including your crown and your throne so you can live the life you desire while being the Queen you were born to be. Charging what you’re worth, leveraging your time and your profits selling low-high end digital courses and high-ticket VIP programs and events.

And of course, that means creating the multiple 6-figure online empire of your dreams. Because anything less is… well… it’s non-negotiable.

Website: www.laurafrancis.com.au
Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamlaurafrancis
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/365badass
Instagram: @laura_franciskam
Twitter: @LauraFrancisKAM
SnapChat: @laurafranciskam


Alison Chan Lung is an intuitive, transformational coach. She has worn many hats – psychic love coach, intuitive coach and trainer, writer, speaker. However under the hats, she sees herself as someone who is curious about life, and love, and how it all fits together. She is happy to be able to share and teach what she understands about how life and love works from the inside-out.

Alison has believed we are spiritual beings having a human experience since she was young. She came from a Chinese and Irish background but grew up in Pinner near London, UK.

Her journey into personal development started with an interest in the work of Louise Hay and has been completed with her passion for the work of Sydney Banks.  She has been fascinated by the workings of the soul and our connection to spirit, but is also a fan of good old common sense.

Alison founded the Soul Mate Relationship Programme in 2003 and has been fortunate enough to work with many clients who are now in loving, long lasting relationships and sometimes she gets to wear a new hat!

She has a strong desire to coach and guide clients to the best of her ability in their relationship with themselves, with a romantic partner, and with their thinking. To help them tap into their own wisdom, inner peace, resilience and happiness.

Alison lives with her partner and dog in London.

Website: www.alisonchanlung.com


Elizabeth Mary Hancock aka The Wealthy Entrepreneur Coach transforms struggling and fearful but passionate coaches, consultants and practitioners into the Wealthy Entrepreneurs they deserve to be.  She helps them to get more clients, charge what they’re worth and feel fabulous about it!  Their businesses go from average to awesome, and they achieve true emotional and financial freedom with a process that lasts a lifetime!

Liz helps her clients to dissolve their money and success blocks and go from being overwhelmed and consistently inconsistent to taking committed consistent and inspired action.  Her clients go from limited to limitless so they can not just dream it, but believe it and most importantly, achieve it!

Email: Liz@elizabethmaryhancock.com
Website: www.elizabethmaryhancock.com


Emily Jacob is a rape survivor, coach and NLP master practitioner using her skills to help guide other rape survivors to their ReConnected Life. She was one of the ten survivors in the feature-length Channel 5 documentary, Raped: My Story. She also features in the Independent video series, Life After Sexual Violence.

She is keen to speak up and break the silence for rape survivors everywhere, and as such has also been seen on Channel 5 news, BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live, as well as writing regularly for the press (she is a regular blogger for Psychologies Life Labs, Metro and Huffington Post). She has published two collections of her blogs written following her rape: It Gets Better, and Silence Hurts: Talk Hard.

She speaks at events which have included the Clear Lines Festival, Who Will Hear My Cry, Reclaim the Night, and at the Houses of Parliament for International Women’s Day. Emily’s other career spans over 20 years in marketing strategy and capability. She is single and lives alone in Oxford.

Website: www.reconnected.life
Join the free ReConnected Life Community: http://reconnected.life/community/
Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReConnectedEm
Follow ReConnected Life on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReConnectedLifeExperience/
If you’re interested in finding out more about the ReConnected Life Experience, see here: http://reconnected.life/experience/

And for free downloads and resources, see here: http://reconnected.life/resources/


Suzie is a happiness life coach with a huge passion to help create a bright and better future for her clients. She helps them explore their own happiness within them that has been suppressed by life experiences and life conditioning. Suzie herself experienced homelessness at the age of 17 to escape emotional, mental and physical abuse. She lived in a refugee for 6 months before turning her life around and embarking on a career in mental health and charity work,  supporting disadvantaged teens teaching life skills and self love, listening to the suicidal and supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse aged 5 to 25 year old.

Suzie now runs her own company uplifting and motivating clients to become the best version of themselves, empowering them to believe in themselves and teach them that they are enough. She believes that the next generation needs us more than ever and her mission is to help others believe to achieve, to know that they are so much more than their qualifications and that we all have gifts, life experiences and stories that we can share to help teach others.

Suzie lives in Leicestershire with her husband of 23 years and her two sons. She loves walking, water colours and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Website: www.suziesunshine.co.uk


Stacy is an awakened woman who can see the potential in others and dares to unlock them to discover their true selves.  A health and wellness consultant with Arbonne, she helps transform women’s lives from the inside out.


Crystle Jones is a Stay at Home Mum to two beautiful girls.  I am breaking the silence and breaking the generational mould; it ends here.  My dream is for everyone to find their voice, and to have the support they need throughout their transformation.  Therefore I will be creating a safe and healing space for woman using massage, crystal chakra healing and reiki as one method.  I want to offer woman that time to just be.  To be treated, and loved, to be safe and true to themselves.  Loving their body at the same time as loving their soul and offering healing to both.  I live in Royston, Hertfordshire with two free spirited children and my loving husband.  I love being creative, reading, crystals and mother nature.  I am best described as being airy fairy; and yes I do believe in fairies and angels.

Email: crystle@rcan.co.uk




Antonina is a Vibrational Coach and Mindset Mentor for Conscious Individuals. She works with Spiritually-minded people, empowering them to create the necessary changes to build a life that looks good from the outside and feels good on the inside.

She passionately believes the world would be a better place if more people were truthful and honest about what makes them tick.

Her big mission is to assist as many women as possible to be truly happy and at peace with themselves. To become fully realised in their life and their work. To come together to heal, grow and step into their most potent, powerful self. This will create a shift on a humanity level, redistributing the wealth into the hands of those who need it heralding the start of a New Earth.

When she is not coaching clients, she’s likely found travelling to faraway places, in communion with the elements at the nearest beach, or wrestling her six-year-old into bed. Because #contrasts

FB: https://www.facebook.com/TheCoachinista/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecoachinista/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecoachinista


Having swapped city life for rural living in northern Spain, Tara is first time mama, a seasoned yoga aficionado, and is passionate about yoga, women’s wellness, and holistic living. She is a firm believer in self-care, incorporating yoga and essential oils into her daily routine.

Instagram @yogimamalove
Join her women’s group on FB: @yogimamalove.



Stacey Ann Coyne is an uplifting visionary who has risen above more than 15 years of unthinkable trauma and addiction. At the age of 28 she surrendered to the beat of the universe and was guided to build Mind Body Image ~ Fuel your Life, a company bringing positive mental, physical and nutritional fuel to the lives of others.

She is a true inspiration, a self-taught survivor using the Laws of the Universe, Inner Guidance, NLP, Nutrition and Fitness as her tools to recreate not only her life but the lives of others, filling them with everlasting love, health and meaning. She believes a person’s mind and thoughts are the most valuable tools to overcome even unthinkable trauma.

Stacey is a Health & Wellness Specialist; Founder of Mind Body Image; Author & Motivational Speaker; Child Advocate for Self-Love; Chiropractic Assistant; Reiki and NLP Practitioner and although she holds many titles her driving force and most valuable “title” is being a mother to her 7 year old daughter.

Website: www.mindbodyimage.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindBodyImage/


Alison Pena is an Affluence Code consultant, living in NYC, and new widow. She teaches people how to unlock their affluence code from any circumstances and to navigate losses more peacefully and powerfully. Alison Pena’s gift is that she sees people truly and stands for them fiercely.

Alison Pena writes for Thrive Global, Medium and her Bad Widow blog. Among others, she has been a guest expert on Entrepreneur on Fire, How to Start Living Show, The Ambitious Entrepreneur, Join Up Dots, Prosperity Place, Social Media Business Hour and Rags to Niches podcasts. Her first book will be published in early 2018.

Client Marina D. says, “Our work together changed my life. I mean that, sincerely. Because of your commitment to sharing your knowledge and showing up, I have personally seen a transformation in how I care for myself, connect to others, and set (and ACHIEVE) insanely amazing goals that I never dreamed possible. I’m just in awe of how how much I continue to learn from you.”

What if doing things YOUR WAY is the shortcut to easy, congruent results?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnlockAffluence
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisonpena/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badwidowwisdom/
Schedule a call: http://bit.ly/BookDiscoveryCallWithAlison


Lila means Divine laughter or the laughter of the Gods and she is wisdom and giggles on a mission to bring light to the dark places in the world.

Lila is a dedicated mother, a healing artist, practicing multiple modalities from energy healing + mindset work to essential oils + prayer, a bunch of people’s best friend and a dynamic story teller.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifewithlila
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lilaslight


Molly Jayne Robertson was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. She left home after having a series of spontaneous spiritual awakenings while studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She has been intuitively guided by her intention to create a new paradigm on Earth; the fearless life.

As the founder of All To Love, she is an Inspirational Speaker and author of “The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project”. She hosts Fearless Love yoga, surf and sustainability retreats in exotic destinations throughout the year, Divine Sexy Goddess female empowerment retreats yearly in Ibiza and regular Fearless Love weekend retreats in Devon, UK. She is a resident yoga and meditation expert at Yeotown, an award winning wellbeing retreat in the UK.

Molly runs an online private membership group called The Fearless Life Tribe, which supports people in their spiritual awakening and transformation. All To Love is a movement dedicated to living fearlessly and pioneering a new, loving and sustainable life on Earth.
Having personally experienced the transformational power of love, it is with a sincere and compassionate heart that she shares her message with the world.

Website: www.alltolove.com


Harriet Waley-Cohen is happiest when inspiring and empowering others to transform their lives. Having been through multiple transformations herself – leaving a decade long city career for motherhood and entrepreneurship, being over 14 years in recovery from addictions, leaving an unhappy marriage and going on to thrive and flourish, and curing her body of eczema and allergies using diet alone – Harriet is ideally placed to understand the kind of support, commitment, guidance and tools that it takes to make deep root life changes that stick.

Harriet has a BSc in Psychology from UCL, and as a graduate of IIN, is a certified health coach. Harriet also has over 13 years of mentoring women with drug and alcohol issues, and is currently training with One of Many to become one of their first certified coaches.

In recent years, Harriet has built a successful business as a highly sought after speaker and coach within the corporate, educational and personal development sectors. Harriet’s approach is show women how to become in total partnership with themselves in every area of their life, leading to high levels of confidence, self-esteem, emotional and physical health, pleasure, happiness, life balance and success. A woman who is in total partnership with herself is unstoppable

Harriet’s past audiences as a speaker include BBC, Imperial College London, Interesting Talks London, Vodafone, Barclays, UK Health Radio, Hayley Quinn’s podcasts and events, Killing Kittens, Skirt Club, Unconventional Convention, Home House for DI Events, Pony Express Speakers Club, Women Economic Forum, as well as speaking numerous other events.

Website: www.harrietwaleycohen.com


I help busy professionals organize themselves so they have time for what they need & want, and time for fun. I am your Chief Habit Scientist, wrangling your habits around sleep, exercise & eating through a lens of mindfulness & relationship management.

We make tens of thousands of decisions every day, so if we can create connections between the habits that serve us well, thus reducing the number of choices we make, we free up lots of time. This irony – creating routines to create freedom is what I love to help people activate in their lives!  I draw skills from my extensive training (PhD, RYT500, Certified Living Ayurveda, Certified Executive Coach and Certified Yoga Health Coach) and background (research, teaching, parenting a child with cancer, a child with ADHD, coaching) to guide clients through change related to their careers, relationships, physical health, and emotional health.

Website: www.TamsinAstor.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TamsinAstor


Ella-Louise Woodhouse is a wife, mama, Reiki II and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner based in Buckinghamshire. In addition to running an entertainment and events agency, what really stokes the fire in Ella’s belly is helping people to realise their potential and release emotional baggage, allowing them to move forward with a peaceful life, free of fear, anxiety, phobia or suppressed trauma.

Having spent years trying to ‘find herself’, ‘fit in’ and know her ‘purpose’, Ella built herself a career in sales and customer-services, working across Europe, before making the best leap of her life into the world of entrepreneurship. Since her 20’s, Ella has undergone a precious journey of transformation, self-discovery and the realisation that when you relax and just ‘be’, the right people come into and enrich your life, effortlessly… the universe has a funny way of helping us out like that!

Ella’s long-term goal is to take EFT into our education system; to provide little ones with the tools to release stress and negative emotion (who doesn’t need some of that?!), unburdening our future generations of the destruction that the stresses of today’s world creates. Her goal is to empower children, giving them the tools to tap daily and to eradicate the growing mental health issues in our youngsters.

This is all about building a way of life for our future.

Website: www.head2health.com


Josie Copsey, Life Change Expert, Speaker, Mentor and founder of www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk helps individuals stop selling their soul to the wrong job, environment or career and start living the life that they desire.

Working for 17 years in senior transformational roles for large corporate businesses and experiencing corporate bullying first hand, Josie is passionate about revolutionising the working world by helping individuals to be true to themselves without compromising their unique identity and authentic self.

Josie’s mission is to change the dynamics of the working world, and see the rise of individuals following their heart and applying their talents to their desired career, whilst enjoying their life.

Visit www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk to access Josie’s highly successful life change plan, which keeps even the toughest procrastinators on track with their goals.


Lisa Bardell is a Transformational Coach, Therapist and Shamanic Energy Healer. Her signature one to one program for women, Alchemy, facilitates a total transformation in clients over twenty-two weeks.

Having surrendered to the spontaneous channelled movements, yoga asanas and mudhras which first started to come through her during a Kundalini Awakening in 2016, these divinely guided expressions evolved into her precise work as a Shamanic Practioner, following training in 2017.

Throughout 2017, Lisa’s work in her private coaching practices in London & Cheshire, shifted emphasis towards Intuitive Energy Medicine, yet she still draws heavily on her training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychology.

2017 saw the birthing of Lisa’s retreat brand, Inner Radiance, which she offers in collaboration with fellow healer & coach Rebecca Ann Wilson. Their one-day events and healing retreats are held regularly in Manchester & London, with longer retreats planned for 2019 in Bali & Ibiza.

Lisa’s debut book, ‘Shine Brighter’ will be published in 2018 on Amazon.

Website: http://lisabardellcoaching.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaBardellCoaching/
Email: info@lisabardellcoaching.co.uk

Angélique von Löbbecke

Angelique is an Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive and Coach who works with a unique blend of healing modalities in order to align, clear and heal your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies so that you can rise and live your full potential.

As a former journalist she loves investigating your stories and ailments to find the root cause. By detaching you from surppressed emotions Angelique helps you to pull strength from your experiences and ailments, no matter how severe they are and provides you with channeled action steps to further deepen and integrate the experience.

Website: http://www.angeliquevonloebbecke.com

Audrey Michele

Audrey aka The Light Coach helps you reconnect with your own light so that you can live your life in alignment, in connection with your inner voice, being guided by your heart.

Audrey has lived for a long time doing what was expected of her, truly believing she was on the right path, but she was never satisfied. She knew that she wasn’t doing what really fulfilled her. So what needed to happen, happened: the breakdown and its inevitable darkness. BUT… she persisted and found her own Light! And now she’s here to help you do the same, because to be faster where you belong, you simply can’t do the work alone. To be the Light that you truly are and become the Lightworker you are meant to be, you need to work with someone who sees you, who feels you, who hears you, and who knows you.

Website: www.audreymichele.com


#1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Coach, Moni helps women around the world transform stress and overwhelm into greater peace, passion and joy.

Currently based in London and originally from the beautiful city of Barcelona, Moni, otherwise known as Monica, believes that when women shine their light and claim their inner power, they can change the world.

With more than 15 years of experience in corporate Moni has observed that a more compassionate and heart-centred leadership is required to bring back balance, equality and consciousness.

She is passionate about banishing burnout from the corporate culture, and is committed to supporting women lead projects. Moni is helping and inspiring women around the world to transform their life and become leaders for change in both their personal and professional lives.

With her writing, signature talks and support, Moni contributes to raising awareness of increasing the presence of feminine values in the world.

Website: http://www.monirodriguez.com/
Instagram: @monirodriguezsp
Twitter: @monirodriguezsp
Facebook: @monirodriguezsp
Pinterest: @monirodriguezsp


Denise Davis works with children and adults so they become more of who they truly are. She will teach you how to harmonise your heart and live your life with more control, confidence and charisma, so that you feel relaxed, rebalanced and rejuvenated. This enables you to reach more of your potential as you have left behind some of your limiting beliefs, have greater work life balance, with more self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Denise brings you back to the essense of you –  having reignited your connection with your inner guidance which helps you create a life of choice, joy and authenticity thus living your life more fully.

She does this through one to one sessions, workshops and talks. Denise is qualified in many coaching and healing modalities and has recently contributed to a book called The Uncaged Badass which, was initiated by Michelle Catanach – launching September 2017.

You owe it to yourselves to live your best possible life as the gift it is. This is done by living in the present not the past or future and being true to yourself. You are then a beacon of light enabling others to raise their vibrations and shine too. By being your real self, showing your vulnerabilities and strengths, this allows others to resonate and follow suit. I believe it is particularly important to be a good role model for our children as they are the world’s next caretakers. So let’s inspire them through being fully authentic. A new world of collaborators creating win-win situations for everyone.

Denise lives in Dorset by the sea and the new forest. She loves being in nature. Denise loves spending time with friends and family having lots of fun and laughter. She has four children and five grandchildren so far, whom she adores… a puppy and more are a couple of her plans for the future.

Facebook page: Harmonise Your Heart
Twitter dee_lightful1
Skype dee-lightful1
Instagram denisedavis123


Kara is an award winning entrepreuner, coach and founder of Soul Confidence. Soul Confidence is the key to inner joy + peace. Kara supports sensitive women to live their most intimate and abundant lives through ditching the inner fear freaks are running the show!

She passionately feels every woman would be unstoppable if she believed she was worthy of love exactly as she is.

Her big mission is to spread the message of lovingkindness to as many women as possible. For women to be empowered in all areas of life to feel true joy + peace. Kara brings women together in Communities like the Tribe so they feel safe and supported on their journeys. She knows that going it alone kills creativity, celebration and connection

Kara lives with her boys in Manchester – her amazing partner and force of nature toddler. She loves dancing like no one’s watching, spending time under the stars at festivals and enjoying every moment of the journey

FB: https://www.facebook.com/soulconfident
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karavgrant/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karavgrant


‘This is raw, honest, powerful, and often painful to read. But it is so necessary to hear these voices, those heart-breaking and at the same time heart-warming stories, that we usually don’t hear anywhere often enough. I loved it and emerged from reading utterly awestruck, and with so much love, pride and admiration for the endurance and strength of these women – which shines through in every word of their stories’
Daniela Abinashi, Criminology Researcher

‘These stories bravely go deep into wounding and share with us the powerful path of transformation we all have available and which is empowered by this kind of conscious and supportive sharing among the female collective. The sharing of these women’s challenging stories provides a healing mirror for our own and a guide for positive growth empowered by women who have gone before. A very important book for anyone on a healing journey’
Alice Bird, Actress

‘This powerful and timely book and the stories told by 26 badass women provide the perfect fuel to ignite the fire and fan the flames to help women free themselves from ‘too muchness’ and/or ‘not enoughness.’ These courageous women speak their authentic truth to provide the opening for us to heal. Read this book now (as life is too dang short!) and soak in the raw inspiration to be YOU, uniquely you. We can and must rebel from thousands of years of oppression and live fully now, to pave the way for future generations.’
Tanya Mark, Body Image Movement Global Ambassador www.tanyamark.com

‘Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass is a must read for anyone looking to be moved and inspired by authentic stories of the triumph of the female spirit. As twenty-six women share their unique stories of finding their strength and moving from living in darkness to shining in their own light, the reader is taken for a beautiful ride where the message is clear and powerful. Women have faced unbelievable barriers to freedom. Yet the indomitable nature of our hearts and will, as detailed through the authors’ stories, leads to the unmistakable truth that we are powerful, we are strong, we can rise from trauma to healing and from adversity to strength and success’
Sindy Warren, author, yogi, lawyer www.yogaforyourbestlife.com

‘This book is a must read, I was totally drawn in from the start, I couldn’t put it down and I could relate with many of the chapters either from my own experiences or from now connecting with people who have opened up to me about their lives and stories. I think this book will inspire and help many women and to let them know that they aren’t alone, this is truly a book to read. Well done Michelle for putting it together, your story and the others were so heartfelt, thank you for opening yourselves up to the world to help others, what an amazing thing to do. Extraordinary women, thank you’

Amanda Skinner 




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